Health & Safety

"If you think heath and safety training is expensive try having an accident"
(Stelios - Founder of Easyjet)

Health and Safety training can be seen as an expense until you look at the costs of accidents both in human and financial terms. Accidents cost the UK industry at least 3.5 billion pounds per year through loss of working days, loss of expertise, fines and compensation. This equates to an average of 4% of each company's gross profit. It is estimated that 70% of these accidents are preventable.

These courses aim to challenge this misconception that accidents just happen. This course is for everyone, however, it will be of particular interest to those people who are new to the business or are in vulnerable jobs such as lone workers. We can offer the following courses...

CIEH level 2 Award in Health and Safety
Manual Handling
Conflict and Aggression in the Workplace